You Know You’re a Camp Counselor When…


1. Tan lines are actually something to be proud of. (especially Chaco tan lines)

2. You’d rather hang out with a bunch of 9 year olds than people your own age.

3. You have countless bug bite scars.

4. You can make up games with the most random supplies.

5. You know that sipping water cures all ailments.

6. You have told a child that you will not talk to them until they put clothes on.

7. You can make a crying child laugh within minutes.

8. You have mastered the art of the 3 minute shower.

9. You are the first one to volunteer to lead an icebreaker activity in any group setting.

10. You’re the only person you know who doesn’t mind working for less than minimum wage. (wayyyy less)

11. You hate being indoors.

12. You’re an expert at checking for lice.

13. You can finish this sentence: “Take a _____”

14. You’ve had to go weeks without peanuts because so many kids are allergic.

15. You wear tie dye like it’s your job.

16. You know that “Ding!” is code for “That’s what she said”.

17. If you didn’t already know #16, you’re already planning to take it back to your camp next summer.

18. Just hearing the word “Linger” makes you tear up.

19. You are completely clueless about what songs were popular on the radio during the summer, but you can sing about moose, Tarzan, red wagons, and other various strange things for days.

20. You constantly preach the importance of sunscreen, but you never actually wear it yourself.

21. Removing ticks is no big deal for you.

22. Your wrists never see sunlight because of all the friendship bracelets.

23. You spent more time thinking of the perfect camp name than you’ll spend naming your first child.

24. You get beyond annoyed when The Cup Song comes on the Radio. (Please, just make it stop)

25. You’ve seen Wet Hot American Summer.

26. You get offended when your friends and family ask you when you’re going to get a “real job”.

27. You’ve gone more than 3 days without showering.

28. You count the pool as a shower.

29. You don’t even remember what it feels like to wear a 2 piece bathing suit.

30. Walkie talkies are a symbol of power.

31. You feel naked without your backpack.

32. Trips to Walmart bring back some awesome memories.

33. You know at least 5,683 versus to Boom Chicka Boom.

34. You know that tampons are the best fire starter.

35. You dream of becoming a camp director.

36. Back pack? More like Mary Poppins magic carpet bag.

37. You feel more at home at camp than you do at home.

38. You have more confidence in yourself at camp than you do anywhere else.

39. You know that Post Camp Depression is a real thing.

40. You would give up all of your real life responsibilities to be back at camp right now.

All of this is so true. I have been a camp counselor for 6 going on 7 years

You Know You’re a Camp Counselor When…


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