#WeNeedDiverseBooks because disability is not life-ending, an aberration, or a side story. In the US nearly one in every five people have a disability.

Because there were only two pictures tagged with #WeNeedDiverseBooks and #disability.

Because we are not inspiration porn.

Because the shortest section on any diverse books list I’ve seen is the one for disabled authors and characters even though that’s where every identity, group, race, and ethnicity can converge.

Because my niece and nephew shouldn’t need a disabled aunt in order to be comfortable around people with disabilities.

Because the only high school friend who was there for me when I got sick was the girl whose mom has MS.

Because there are more books about kids with cancer than those with non-terminal conditions (we need both, but I’ll bet there are more kids with chronic, non-terminal issues than those with cancer in the world and they need representation too).


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