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Soda Addiction is a real thing ( Soda the Drink not a drug)

Next week I am leaving for camp. I really hope that camp will help me with my soda addiction. I drink soda 2x a day. I just feel the need to want it and have it. I usually have it with lunch and dinner. I feel like my only reason for eating those meals is to be able to drink coke. Nothing I have tried has really worked. I have tried going cold turkey that was a complete fail. I have gained about 25 lbs from soda and lack of exercise. Soda addiction is a real thing. The sugar found in soda triggers the same area of the brain as some major drugs do which causes addiction and the need to have it. 

   The great thing about Camp is there are hardly any sugary drinks at meal times. We have just water. Sometimes we get hot chocolate if it is cold out. We also sometimes get orange juice or Sweyo Punch. Sweyo punch is a mixture of club soda, Hi-c and Koolaid. No coke or pepsi products at all.

  Some of the counselors (and I do mean some like very few) bring soda and put it in the staff lounge. I am traveling across the country to camp and so soda would weight to much at check in. We are on an isle so buying soda would be tough anyway if I was to go out and buy it. Buying soda for me is just not practical.

    After about a week at camp I should be able to hopefully kick my addiction of soda to almost no soda at all.  Hopefully after a week or so at camp I will not even be thinking of soda. When I get home I am going to continue to kick that addiction. 


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