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Why a Weight loss blog?

   My weight problem started when I was a kid. As a young kid I was average weight. As a very young kid I did not have any issues with weight. I lived in a restaurant and rich great tasting food was abundant. My parents also bought my brother and I foods and snacks that we liked rather then foods that we should have had. Every morning I had a toaster strudel. In my school lunch would be a kudos bar and or cookies with a juice box. I would often come home from and have a Little Debbie swiss roll for a snack. Dinner was usually healthy with chicken or steak. At dinner we had the bread and i covered it in mounds of butter. The water where I live did not taste that great. I had juice or ginger ale with every meal. I went years without drinking straight water. At bedtime I would drink juice before going to sleep. At the restaurant we had a soda fountain. Whenever I ice cream a lot too for dessert. One time at my own pool party I covered it with all the toppings. In a whole day as a child I had tons of sugar. At the time I did not know that all this good tasting food could have a negative side effect. 

      I was never a very athletic kid either. I had this huge backyard with a tree house, swing, pool, basketball hoop and sandbox. We had bikes, a pedal car and all kinds of outdoor toys. I did a lot of sedentary activities.  I loved playing with all those things. I loved to hike up the hill in back of my house and play in the little stream. I really loved playing inside with my dolls and stuffed animals. I had american girl dolls, barbie dolls and paper dolls. I read a lot of books. I even read books at my softball games. Yes I played softball for about 3 years. I watched lots of disney movies too. I did not run around a lot. My parents tried to get me to go outside. I heard my dads stories about how his parents made him stay outside all day. I never understood at that age that weight and athletics go together. 

    P.E. was not my favorite class when I was younger. I never really did like the class until I got into high school. Because of my inactivity I had a really hard time in P.E.. I did not like running because I got cramps in my stomach from it. I actually walked during most of the 1 mile run. I could not do a push up. Forget doing a chin up or a pull up on the bar. I was never able to climb the rope. I could do a few pull ups. I was not very fast. My coordination was terrible. My hand eye coordination was pretty good from throwing balls in softball.  

   By age 13 I weighed 145 lbs. By age 15 I was at 155 lbs and I was only 5.4. I was able to maintain that weight for a good long time. I was able to maintain this weight mainly because I became a dog walker and I walked my neighbors dogs. 

      Another reason I was able to maintain the weight was after High School I went to work for the Aloha Hive Camp up in Lake Fairlee Vermont. I had been a camper before at another camp. This was my first time being away from home for 8 weeks. I worked in the Arts and Crafts and was part of a unit of campers. Half the camp was uphill. I was doing lots of walking and running around with campers. I worked there for 4 summers. 

     I took a year off and started to work at another camp called Camp Sweyolakan in Northern Idaho. I looked for camps outside of New England because I really wanted to travel and see different parts of the United States. I had known some other counselors from other countries who had traveled to the USA and they really got to know us our culture through working with American co-workers and campers. I thought I could really get to know the people and culture over in the western United States if I took a job as a camp counselor. I worked at Sweyo for about 2 summers now going on three. The camp is seriously all up hill and there was lots of hiking to almost everywhere. The camp owns 300 acres of property. But somehow I always gained weight. 

    The freshman 15 is real. I gained like so much weight my first year of college. I got a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help me get back on track. I even took P.E. and kick boxing as part of my schedule. I also noticed a lot of bikes on campus. My second year of school I brought my bike with me. It was awesome having a bike on campus. I could go anywhere in 10 minutes. I once took an 8 hour bike trip. 

     I have really begun to gain weight these past three years. I became addicted to soda and started drinking that everyday. Soda was just there at school for everyone to have. The soda fountain was not out ever. It has been really hard for me to get out to bike ride because I live on major highway and up until just recently I have not had a license. I became an etsy seller. Because of my shop there was a lot of time spent sitting at the computer or making my items. 

     I am starting to turn things around. Now I am aware that the bus that drives by my house has bike racks and I can take my bike out. Bought a WII FIt Plus for my nintendo WII.I even now have phone apps that include map my walk, map my ride, loseit and cyclometer. I have so far lost 5 lbs. I am going back to camp. My new goal in the Fall is to be able to bike 20 miles.

       I have started this weight-loss blog so that i can share my experiences with losing weight and maybe inspire someone else to try to get healthy too. My goal weight is 130 lbs. 


7 thoughts on “Why a Weight loss blog?”

  1. Carley, thanks so much for being so honest and real. I love that! Good luck on your journey to wellness. It’s not easy. I am a lot older than you but struggle with weight too because I just love eating and see myself eating too often, because I have a blood sugar problem.

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    1. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back. I just started using my blog again after being on hiatus for a few months. I don’t use any pluggins so I really don’t know. If you belong to etsy as a seller you could ask in the Etsy forums or even do a search on google.

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