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Working very hard at camp leads to weight loss

For the past few days since I got to camp I have been working extremely hard. A few of us at the camp are sprucing things up for the big open house on Saturday. In the past few days I have cleaned the dinning hall, tidied up the Grove, moved piles of wood, raked the beach, picked up pin cones and trash. It took all day to rake the beach. We usually start cleaning at 10 and end around 5 with a break for lunch. I try to keep in mind that all this physical work will help me achieve my goal of losing 10 lbs this summer and then my ultimate goal of 50 lbs.
I was a little bit of a bad girl today. My co-workers and I went into town to hand out fliers for the open house this week at camp. I had 2 sodas. One was a coke from pita pit and the other was a Italian soda. Italian soda is made of club soda, ice, flavoring and whip cream.
I might not be able to blog a lot during the summer. Staff are not allowed to use phones in front of children. There is no wifi network for staff to use for that reason. The network connection is almost slim to none


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