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How to to be a healthy camp counselor

During the camp season a camp counselor is a serogate parent to 6 or more kids for hours or even days at a time. They have to remember so many details to make a child’s time at camp fun. But the one thing many counselor a forget is to take care of their own needs too. You need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of campers.
A few things for counselor to remember.

1. Sleep – you are active all day you need at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night. You might not get the 7-9 hours all the time because campers love to get up early.

2. Eat – set an example for the campers and eat a decent size meal. You are active all day with kids and should be consuming at least 1600 calories a day while at camp

3. Refrain from unprescribed drugs and alcohol- this could result in creating a dangerous situation for you and or campers

4. Stay away from Sex – many camps will fire camp staff for this. Unplanned pregnancy and STD’s can still happen at camp. Camp is not about hooking up. Camp is about the campers.

5. Make sure to take breaks – if your camp is accredited by the American Camping Association then you are entitled to two hours worth of breaks a day . Make sure to get days off too. Meals do not count as a break.


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