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What to pack for camp

Every year I watch so many kids bring huge bags of luggage as big as mine for a one week stay at camp. I watch them drag it up the hill to our units. I think to myself all they need is a gym bag.
Here is my packing list for campers
1. Sleeping bag
2. Pillow or pillow pet
3. Fave stuffed animal.
4. Sunscreen
5. Bathing suit
6. Toiletries
7. 2 towels
8. Flashlight with AA batteries
9. 3-5 tees depending on how long they are staying. Lots of camps offer laundry .
10. 3-5 pairs of shorts
11. 2 pairs of pants
12. Two long shirts
13. 5-7 pairs of undies
14. Camera
15. 2-3 pairs of very warm pjs
16. Medication

As for items like games and books most camps have those items. Only pack stationary if your camper is staying longer then a week


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