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What should camp counselor a pack for camp

What should camp camp counselor a pack for camp. We pack very differently then campers because we are here longer
1. Pillow
2. Sleeping bag
3. Cell phone or calling card
4. Card games
5. Band aids
6. Toiletries
7. Pics and items from home
8. 2 towels
9. Bathing suit
10. Clipboard
11. Paperwork for camp.
12. Movies – remember to download all items onto your phone or tablet before you leave. Most camps don’t have wifi for staff.
13. Camp appropriate music
14. 7-9 tees most camps do have laundry.
15. 4 long sleeved shirts
16. 9-12 pairs of sox
17. 4 pairs of jeans and sweatpants
18. A camera (no phones in front of campers).
18. 10 pairs of undies
19. Laundry bag
20. 2-3 pairs of pjs

Optional items
1. Fave stuffed animal
2. Book, kindle or tablet for reading
3. Costumes
4. Markers
5. Stationary


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