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Sick while at camp

During the past couple of weeks I have been hacking and coughing a ton. I have coughed so much to the point of almost no sleep at night. I decided yesterday I had enough. I was able to find a ride from camp to turgent care to see a doctor. As I kinda suspected I have pneumonia. I have had it before. I am more susceptible to it. In a camp setting you . never know what children bring in besides luggage. I have to stay in the health cottage tonite and take it from there. I am taking meds and cough syrup. I just hope I don’t have to fly home. I really love my job. The last thing I want to do is make a camper or staff sick with it too.
Yesterday when I went to urgent care the nurse weighed me. I have lost 5 lbs since I came to camp. That is a lbs a week. I have 6 more weeks here. I am half way to my goal of 10 lbs by the end of the summer.
During staff training before I got sick we all did some physically challenging and tiring exercises. First we had to do the swim test. The swim test consists of swimming for 10 whole minutes. 6 minutes of whatever stroke of your choice. 2 minutes of back stroke and 2 minutes of floating on the water.
We also had our tippy test for kayak and rowboats. Those disney princes make row boating look so easy when in actuality it is really hard. We had to jump out of each boat and get back in. I have a hard time getting back into either boat because I am big. Nobody was allowed to help me into the boats. I have no upper or lower body strength. I did finish.
We climbed all the way to the highest point in camp called Arrow Head. It is really pretty up there and we played games. It was really hard to climb and dangerous at some points. It is about a 45 minute hike
. I got dizzy at some points on the way up.


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