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Still sick at camp

I have been coughing and hacking for about 4 weeks now. I went to urgent care last week and the doctor used a stethoscope to listen to my breathing. She told me that I had pneumonia just from listening to my breathing. She gave me meds to help.
Fast foreword a week later. I am still coughing. Going up the hills at work is very hard and I am coughing at the top. I cough so much to the point that the other staff got worried that I had something really serious.
I made the decision to go back to urgent care. They did a more thorough test. They took my blood samples and took 2 X-rays. The doctor found I had bronchitis, not pneumonia. They prescribed me more meds. If these new meds don’t work I am going to leave camp and go home. I don’t want to leave camp but I may have to do it for my health.


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