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Back in the real world

After spending 11 weeks at camp I have re-entered the real world. At camp Wifi, showering and phone networking don’t exist at camp. Yes we did have showed but who has time for that when you are working and playing all the time.
I left 2 weeks ago. I stayed my last few days in Idaho with a family friend. I have been home a week and a half.
At the beginning of the summer I had a goal to lose 10 lbs or more while at camp. I did lose weight. I lost 8.2 lbs. So I was very close to my goal but not quite. I still have a few more weeks of summer to burn off that 1.8 lbs.
Now that I am in the real world I am finding temptation to be kinda tempting. At camp there was no soda and barely any candy. Whatever we ate got burned off. I am not burning off the calories like I was at camp. Here I can have soda whenever. My cereal has 200 calories. I have been eating a lot of pb and j sandwiches. I have to remind myself when I crave a soda that I just lost all this weight I don’t want to gain it back.
I have been drinking a lot more water. That is all we had to drink at camp. Occasionally we had punch, hot chocolate or chocolate milk. But for the most part we had water. I am trying to drink mainly water at home too.


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