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Just Loseit

On my blog I do intend to review whatever art or weight loss app, podcast or website I find that comes my way. I really love the Loseit weight loss app. It is available for the Iphone, Ipad, Kindle, and Google Play for the Android. For those who don’t have a smartphone there is a website version as well..

Loseit is a lot like Weight Watchers, with a few differences. Weight Watchers allows you to have a certain amount of points each day. You can earn more points by exercising. Loseit does that but in a different way. Instead of being allowed a certain amount of points you are allowed a certain amount of calories per day. You can earn more calories when you exercise. Most all of the food brands and major chain restaurants are listed with the calorie amounts. If the food brand is not listed there is the option to list it yourself.

Loseit has a social media aspect to it too. On the apps and website you can friend other people. These friends are meant to be a support system in your journey to success. You can set the privacy settings so that nobody sees your weight or anything private. You can cheer each other on and just be there for each other. I have a lot of friends on Loseit. You can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Loseit account so that whenever you succeed at something it will post to your wall (I have not linked my facebook or my twitter account to my loseit account).

There are challenges on the Loseit apps and website that some members participate in. They are totally challenge by choice. I am participating in 4 challenges at the moment. One challenge I am participating in is Harry Potter themed. The challenge is to help my house (Gryfindor) get as many house points as we can through exercise to win the house cup. Another challenge is to lose 15 lbs by Halloween. My 3rd challenge is to exercise 900 minutes in the month of September. My 4th challenge is to lose 3 lbs by Columbus day. Not all the challenges are weight or exercise based. Some Challenges are food related or some focus on one particular exercise. I also invited some of my Loseit friends to join me in these challenges.

People using Loseit can earn Badges. I have earned many badges for things such as keeping up with exercising or eating healthy. I think the one I am most proud of is the badge that says that I was exercising and burning lots of cals for 2 weeks consecutively. It feels really good when you get a badge.

Weight Watchers costs $20 a month for just the online stuff without the meetings. Loseit costs nothing. If you want the premium package then that costs $40 a year. Loseit is not a bad deal all around. The only difference between the regular package and the premium package is what you are able to do with it. The premium package allows you to link your fitbit or other programs to it, monitor your heart rate, create challenges of your own, and set goals.


Links to all the apps




Google Play




Iphone and Ipad



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