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Its Been 13 Years

I can’t believe that it has been 13 years since 9/11. I remember where I was when it happened. I was at school. I was in 9th grade. I was in class. At the end of class the principal came over the intercom and announced what had happened. He then came on the intercom at the end of the next period to announce that the Pentagon had been struck. I was kind of confused as to what had happened and the total impact that it had on the country. It became clear when got home and saw the news.

I remember it was on a Tuesday. On Tuesday I had Tae Kwon Do. My class got cancelled that day. I did not know the class was cancelled. Nobody told me. I called my dad. My dad picked me up. My dad brought me to my brothers football practice. I had to sit so bored through that. My dad loves football and probably did not want to make two trips into town.

I had only seen the twin towers once from a distance, two years before they were struck. It was my first trip to NYC. I loved being in NYC. We were there to see Phantom of The Opera It was so much fun. I was on school trip. We slept in a church on Long Island. We got to ride the subway. Actually the subway car we were on was going to stop at the wrong stop, so we had to switch cars (sometimes while the car was moving). We got to ride the Fairy every day. From the boat we saw the twin towers in the distance. I went to FAO Schwartz to play with fun toys.

The country went into war. My cousin was in the air force. He was the highest rank in the Air Force. He was deported to Afghanistan . He flew planes and lived on the base over there. He is a true American Hero. He is now back in the states


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