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Coke-Cola Addict

I have been home from camp for over a month. I have not weighted myself since I got home. I have been eating a lot of food with carbs and drinking lots of soda. For a couple of weeks after I got home, I really tried to stay away from the soda. Well I live in a restaurant where soda is abundant. I am a self declared soda addict. One of my reasons for going to camp was to get away from the soda and help myself with my addiction. Yes it did help. Every time I tried a no soda diet or challenge, I was always unsuccessful. I did not have the will power at the time to stay on the diets for very long.

I made myself a premium member on my Lose it account. In doing so now I can create challenges for other people. I created many different challenges and invited many of my Lose it friends to participate. I noticed that there were very few No Soda Lose it Challenges. I decided to create a few no soda challenges. The first one is 1 week and that one is almost done. The second one is 2 weeks and the 3rd is 3 weeks. I add a week every time.

So far this week on the challenge I have only had one soda. I was in a restaurant. They did have water, but I did not want water. One of the participants on Lose It told me I had to start over. I am not starting over because I am participating in the two week challenge.

Everyone participating in the challenge well we all support each other. If one person falls we encourage that person to get up and keep on going. I have already done this before (kind of) for 3 months. I am finding that because of having hardly any soda at camp, it is easier this time then it has been in the past. I think that the No Soda Challenge and the Friends participating in the challenge will keep me motivated to stay off the soda.


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