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Walking and Biking

I have been biking and walking a ton lately. I have been going bike riding at least 3 times a week for the past couple of weeks. I have been going for at least 12 miles each time I go. My dad thinks I could do 25 miles. I think I have to work up to 25. I have been trying to get a walk in at least 3 times a week.

Whenever I go out bike riding it has been in Springfield, VT. Springfield is a small town in southern Vermont. About 10 years ago the state gave the town some money in return for allowing the state to build a prison. The town took the money, built a bike path and a rec center. Other towns had a shot at that money, but did not want the prison.

The path is about 3 and a half to 4 miles long. It starts off at the industrial park and winds along the highway and the Black River. Then it goes off onto a side road where there are hardly any cars for about a mile and a half. Then back onto a regular bike path for another 2 miles. It gets off where the path ends and thats where I go road cycling towards Mount Ascutney. My goal someday is to make it to Mount Ascutney. It takes me me a little over 8 minutes to complete 1 mile. Mount Ascutney is 13 miles away and I have calculated using my iphone 5c, that it will take me a little over 2 hours non-stop to get there and over 2 hours non stop to get back.

I have upgraded my Lose It account to Premium. So that means I can now create Lose It challenges. I decided to create one just for biking to keep me motivated with it. All the other bike challenges on Lose It are individual challenges and I thought that it would be more fun if this challenge were a team challenge. This was my first time creating challenges and I was quite the novice at it. I really had no idea what I was doing. I wanted the team scores to be based on points. Lose it does not allow that for individual sports and because this is a computer/ app thing instead all sports would be counted into the challenge. A friend whom I had invited to join the challenge told me that if I created another challenge that was time based that I could chose the individual sport and only that sport would count. So thats what I did. I kept both challenges going and just changed the name of the first one. I named my team the Red and Pink club after the colors of my two bikes.

The bike challenge started a few days later. I was bike riding in Keene, NH. I used to bike ride all the time there when I went to college at Keene State. I never had a car here. I did not have a license at the time and paying for the parking every month was out of this world expensive. Used to ride my bike all over the city, except the downtown area where if I was caught three times on my bike I would be fined $180. There was a cop who’s only job was to catch bicyclist in the downtown area. I was only ever caught once and once was enough for me.I used to go around the back of buildings to avoid the downtown area. One time while going around the back of buildings there was a retirement home and I was passing in front of it. The old lady scolded me for even being there and kept on scolding me when I tried to explain to her that I was there to avoid a fine and I was headed back to school. I got to know the city better then most people and I have gotten to see places that people don’t typically see from the seat of my bike.

I had been using Map My Ride with my bike. I even put a attachment on my bike so that my Iphone could stay on the bike. The iphone would then be able to use the app, play my music and use the GPS. I had Map My Ride Synced to my Lose It account and it worked with the bike. It recorded my milage and my calories. But when it synced to Lose It, it then came up as Map My Run and did not work with the Bike Challenge I had created. I brought that up to my team mates. One person suggested I use Runkeeper for the Iphone. Runkeeper just like Map My Ride uses the GPS to locate how many miles and calories I have burned on a single bike ride. It still allows me to play music through the app, but does not allow me to switch songs at all. I can use it for other activities. I can also use it to set goals for myself. However it does keep the screen on which does drain the battery on my iphone. So far I have logged over 14 miles with it. The basic package and the app are both free. Somebody also recommended Strava but I have yet to try that.

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