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Drawing Nude

I have started taking a Life Drawing Art class at the River Gallery School of Art in Brattleboro, Vermont. So far I have had 2 classes. They have been both really great. We have a live nude model come in and model for us the students to draw. I decided to take classes because I really want to improve my art and add drawings and paintings to my Etsy Store. Right now in my store I am just doing needle felt, but I would like to show the world more of what I am capable of doing artistically.

I took Life Drawing before a few years ago in college. We used live naked models there too. I did life drawing with vine charcoal and with oil paints. I still have many of my paintings and drawings from those days.

I have only ever drawn naked female models. I have never drawn a man, so I am a little nervous about that. All the models I have ever had to draw have been women. I am a women so seeing another women naked means nothing to me. But I am sure that once I get drawing that I will get over the nakedness.

In class we have had 2 different live women models. I use the heavy duty vine charcoal that I bought a few years ago at Michaels Arts and Crafts supply store in Keene NH for about $12. The teacher likes my drawings a lot. He says that my drawings look like they are alive . The other students in class (many of whom are artist) like my drawings too. One student even came up to me and told me my drawing of the was gorgeous. After class I went to the local art store and bought some finer vine charcoal and my own eraser.

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