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Family Guy / Simpsons’ Crossover Episode

Before I begin I am going to sound the Spoiler Alert! IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS EPISODE OF FAMILY GUY DO NOT READ ANY FUTHER!

I recall hear about this episode maybe a year to a year and a half ago. I was bummed then that it would take such a long time to make. At the time I liked both Family Guy and the Simpsons. Over that time period I totally forgot that there was a crossover episode in the works. I began to watch the Simpsons’ less and less. Up until last night when I watched the crossover episode on Hulu I had not watch a Simpsons episode in about a year. I have watched many episodes of Family Guy.

The two shows are very similar. They both appear on the same network for one and on the same night. Family Guy is about Peter Griffin and his family. Peter works at a brewery in Quahog, RI. Homer works at a Nuclear Power Plant in Springfield. Both families have 3 children, with the first child being a girl, 2nd child is a boy and the 3rd child is a baby. Brian is the Griffins family dog and Santa’s Little Helper belongs to the Simpsons.

Both shows have their differences. Peter gets along with all his neighbors and is good friends with them. Homer does not get along with his church abiding neighbor Flanders. Santa’s Little Helper is just a normal dog compared to Brian who can talk, write, drink alcohol out a glass and drive a Prius. The Baby Simpson Maggie, while yes she is smart usually only sucks her pacifier. The Baby Griffin Stewie builds weapons, travels through time, talks and walks.

The jokes on Family Guy are not afraid to get offensive and dirty. Seth MacFarlane (the creator of Family Guy) is not afraid to challenge the FCC. The Simpsons have been around 24 years and they have been around 10 years longer then Family Guy. The creators of the Simpsons and the writers are now older people and certainly much older then Seth MacFarlane and his team. The people writing for the Simpsons hold in the reins on the nasty, dirty and offensive jokes. The jokes on the Simpsons have a older sensibility.

The episode starts out as it always does. Peter gets into some type of trouble. Peter decides to become a cartoonist after reading a cartoon in the paper that he does not find to be funny. His cartoon offends the Women in town. Women begin to violently attack the Griffins. The Griffins flea town.

After being in the car for awhile they stop for a break at a gas station. Then the car is stolen. The Griffins try to figure out where they are. They realize they are in a place called Springfield. The kids get hungry and they find the Kwik-E Mart. But they have no money to pay for Donuts. Homer comes in to save the day and offers to pay for the donuts. Homer also allows the Griffins to stay in his home.

Marge Simpson (Homers wife) insists that Brian eat with Santa’s Little Helper on the floor because he is a dog. When at home Brian eats with the family at the table. The family does not stick up for him in this instance. Brian does not get any food because he does not normally eat dog food ever. Marge has Brian walk Santa’s Little Helper with Peters son Chris. Brian lets Santa’s Little Helper go off leash and he runs off. Chris and Brian try to get him, but he gets away. Brian does his best to try to tell Marge what happened, but he can’t.

Lisa Simpson (Homers oldest child) tries to help Peters oldest child Meg find her spark. Help her find something that she is really good at. Lisa can tell that Meg has no confidence in herself and has been put down for awhile. They go through a whole list of stuff and nothing sticks. Lisa has always been good at playing music and the saxophone. She hands her sax off to Meg. Meg begins to play better then Lisa.

Stewie begins to chill with Homers only son Bart. Bart was kicked out of summer camp for gluing the counselors butt cheeks together. Stewie thought that Bart was the coolest kid ever. He began to dress like Bart and idolized him. They made prank phone calls together. They do everything together and it is all adorable. Bart gets beaten up by his long time rival Nelson. Stewie is appalled by this and decides to help his new friend. He kidnaps Nelson, ties him up and tortures him using fear. Stewie also captures Barts other rivals.

Homer and Peter get along great as pals. Since the cops in Springfield are incompetent, they go looking for the car themselves. They come up with funny and stupid ways to find the car. They first drink up $40 of gasoline so that they can think like a car. Then they hold a car wash for stolen cars. Finally after so much effort the car turns up and at the wheel is a very old man.

Peter thanks Homer for all his hospitality with a case of Pawtucket Beer from his Brewery. Homer claims that it is awful imitation of his own favorite beer Duff. The claim is true and Duff brings Pawtucket Brewery to court. This creates tension between Homer and Peter. The Griffins decide that it is best to leave.

Upon leaving the Griffins decide that they cannot be the best of friends with the Simpsons. Bart finds his rivals all tied up by Stewie and because he is a good kid (sometimes) unties them. Lisa is disgusted by Meg when she finds Meg has carved her name into her skin. Lisa gives Meg her sax as a parting gift. Santa’s Little Helper comes back home on his own. Peter and Homer get into a massive fist fight, but realize that fighting is not the answer and that maybe they could be friends but just not bff’s.

The episode was lame. The jokes were not all that funny. The jokes just did not fit for either show. The Family Guy jokes did not work for the Simpsons. The Family Guy jokes were to violent for the Simpsons and grotesque. Whereas the Simpsons jokes were to censored for a Family Guy episode. I think that the jokes could have been awesome and really funny if they had focused on a buddy comedy routine instead.


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