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The Up-To Date On My Weight-Loss

When I made my last entries into my blog more then a few months ago, I was bike riding, I had just joined a small local gym and I was using the Lose It app on my iphone. I lost 700 calories on every bike ride. I was bike riding and going to the gym a lot. The gym cost only $50 with free classes included.

I kind of fell off the band wagon a bit. Winter came and I had to put the bike away. It has been really to cold to go for a walk. I stopped going to the gym because I could not pay for it. I was at the time investing money into my Etsy Shop and that took away money that I could have used for my monthly gym membership. I was also spending so much time at the computer promoting my shop. I really should have spent that time that I used to promote the shop to produce more product and exercising. On top of all that the holidays hit and I was eating a lot of sweets, candy and things that I should not have had or at least have had only in moderation. People kept giving me candy, for example I got Lindor chocolate bars, Jelly Bellies, and a box of chocolates. Next year during the holidays I am going to ask that people not give me any candy at all.

Now I am back on the bandwagon thanks to my parents. My dad goes to a different gym and he was able to get me in as a family member for the same price. They also offered to pay membership. This gym is a lot more up-to date, with better equipment then the other gym. My dad goes a few times a week and the bus heads up twice a day on weekdays. I will always be able to have a ride up. They also have a pool. There is a bike trail just 2 minutes by bike away from the gym. I have ten 1 hour sessions with a personal trainer. Classes are not included, but can’t have everything.

I have met with my personal trainer a few times already. She is really nice and she has great advice. She gives me homework. She has me doing jumping jacks, lunges and squats for my homework five times a day. She kicks my butt and I end up sweating buckets. After my first session with her I was sore for 3 days.

I am still trying to get over my soda issue. That has been hard. I was on a good track for awhile. It is right there at the restaurant and easy for me to just grab when its time for a meal. I think that I need to come up with something else that is an easy grab. It does not have to say be much healthier (well almost anything is healthier then soda) but just something that will kick my addiction and dependence on soda. Going to the gym has helped, because I don’t want to burn all those calories and then go home just to put them back into my body. I also found out that both Coke-cola and Pepsi are either owned by or use Monsanto products in their beverages. Monsanto screws over farmers (but I am not going to get into that right now). These and many other reasons make me not want to drink soda at all.

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