On Monday I had a little Cat-tastrophe at home. If you get grossed out easily, then you might not want to read this. My cat Dags (yes that is his name) could not poop. I love my cats. Dags is the sweetest cat. He is also very fat. He never really runs around, he is very lazy. He eats a lot. He is a love bug.

Monday started out like any other day. I got up and got dressed. I was about to have breakfast when I heard a moaning coming from the office. I thought it was my 15 year old cat Spunk because he is old. I went into the office to check it out and found my 7 year old cat Dags behind the desk. He got him to come out. He was still moaning and he was growling. He was not looking at me, so I was wondering if he was growling at something that was not there.The house is over 200 years old and so I was wondering if he was seeing a ghost.

He went towards the litter box and stayed there for most of the morning into the afternoon. I closed the door to the room that the litter box was in to keep the other two cats out.

I called my mom and she said he had been making noises a lot and that she was going to bring him to the vet the next day. But from all the noise he was making, that was not enough for me and so I called the myself. The secretary at the vet told me that he needed to come in that day and if we waited a day he could die. That was scary to hear.

I do have a drivers license, but both of my parents had taken both cars for the day and were not coming home until after the vets office was closed. I tried calling and texting people. I had a really hard time finding a ride because people were at work or busy. My mom tried calling people too and no luck. Finally a friend who works just across the street offered a ride as soon as she got out of work. It was perfect.

I got to the vet about maybe an hour before they closed. I had warned them on the phone that Dags hates Vets and is a demon cat at the vet. He is like Mr. Hyde at the Vet. At home he is Dr. Jekyll. I brought him in a cat carrier. The Vet instructed me to open up the carrier, I opened the top just an inch and it was like letting the beast out of its cage. I told the vet that last time he had been there he was sedated. She looked it up in his records and found that they had sedated him. She tried to explain to me all these scary horrible and disgusting things that could be wrong with him and what they would have to do in each scenario. I was disgusted and horrified.

They had me sign a release form for him to stay overnight, even though mom is his main caretaker and I am his main cuddler. I was there representing mom and Dags best interest. They told me that he had a big colon and was filled with crap. I did not know that a colon could get big. They gave him an enema. The next day they sent him home with stool softner.

The next morning the vet tried to feed him and he would not eat their food. Dags normally is pig and eats everything that is edible. Last week he got into a new bag of granola. They sell high priced, organic food at the vet and we thought that Dags did not want that organic, frilly, food. Since he has been home we have tried to give him all of his favorite foods, including treats, ice cream, hard food, soft food and he would not eat just about most of it. He let one of the other cats just eat his food. This morning he had some soft food and yesterday had a little bit of milk.

When Dags came home, he was so happy. He greeted everybody. He was covered in poop (remember the vets could not get near him) so nobody wanted to touch him. He was great. But now he is lethargic and sleeping all the time. He has not been very alert either. He usually has a lot of personality. We think it is the meds. He is not using the litter box like he should be. There is a lot of snow outside, too much for him to be able to go outside (yes my cats are outdoor cats). They said that cats will sometimes refuse to use the litter box and hold it in. My mom took him back to the vet today.

Dags probably going through all this because he is a fat cat. He weights 16 lbs. He is not very active. He eats his food and then eats from the bowls of the other two cats. He is at higher risk for cat related diseases then any of the other cats who weight much less. I have tried to get my mom to buy better quality food with no meat by-product or wheat. The stuff that is better quality costs more then the low quality food. Cats and dogs do not just get low quality food to eat because it is cheap, but so do many humans.

The Vet was able to give sedate him without putting him totally out like a light. They did blood tests and found that his body and kidneys are working fine. They are keeping him overnight. It is costing a shit load to get him to take a shit.

Moral of the story is that we need to pay attention to all parts of our bodies. We also need to buy good quality food that will keep us healthy. What I have taken away from all this is I don’t want to end up like Dags, in some doctors office or hospital obese and having health issues due to my weight. I want my body to perform at its best forever.


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