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Follow up to Cat-Tastrophe

My cat Dags has come home (finally). He spent most all of this week at the vet for a constipation ordeal called Megacolon. The vets gave him 3 enema’s and he is still constipated with crap. They did X-Rays and did blood work. Everything else is working fine.

Megacolon is a condition where the body can’t physically move out the poop and it builds up over time in the colon. Eventually it hardens in the colon, making it hard to poop out. The colon over time expands. This can happen for any number of reasons, for example a cat might refuse to use the litter box or they might be having a hard time because of lack of exercise.

My cat does not run around at all, he is 16 lbs. He does use the box. We have him on a stool softner. But he is still not pooping. We are going to try a laxative. If all else fails we may have to resort to more drastic measures.   

My cat has to go through all this because we did not watch his weight that well in the past. We fed him crap food with wheat and meat by product in it. He is both an indoor and outdoor cat. This winter, with all the snow and cold weather has not really helped. I sometimes play with him. I bought him a laser pointer (that he is somewhat interested in). I am the only person that tries to engage in play with him and I don’t do that as much as I should. Dags sometimes (but not very often) plays with our other cat Lucy and she is very active.

Does anyone see how not being active can affect your body


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