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Update On My Weight-Loss

A lot of things have been going on since I last officially wrote in my blog.

First of all my mom has banned me from all the soda in the house. I can still have carbonated water, but no soda. There are a few reasons why I think she banned me from the soda. We live above the restaurant that my parents own and operate. I have been only drinking diet coke and I took the last one (all our soda comes in cans). The restaurant went the next night without diet soda. Imagine asking the customer what they want, they ask for diet coke and you the waitress have to say that you are out. Most restaurants are never out of diet soda, they always have it in stock.

Another reason why mom may have banned me from the soda is that she really wants to see me lose the weight. I am not going to lose the weight if I am drinking so much soda. I know that I am not a heavy soda drinker. There are people out there who drink 12 cans a day. Some have soda before breakfast. I have maybe 1 to 2 cans a day. I don’t drink any soda before lunch.

Each can is 12 oz

If I have 2 cans of soda for one day that is 24 ounces

2 Cans of soda every day for a week that is 168 oz

2 Cans everyday for a whole month (30 days) 720 oz

2 Cans everyday for a whole year (365 days) 8,760 oz

Imagine these numbers with someone who drinks 12 cans a day. Even diet soda can add a few notches in your belt.

Up until recently I have been drinking all diet soda. I have been working with a trainer. I don’t want all that I am doing with the trainer to just go down the drain. I have been going to the gym too. My mom has banned me from the desserts because they are for the customers and now she is doing the same with soda. I remember asking her to do that with soda because I am a rule follower. She said that she would not do that because she did not want to treat me like a baby. But now she is realizing that I need structure in my diet and exercise plan.

I am a bigger girl on top then most girls. I am not a plus sized person. I am going to Florida in a month. I need a new bathing suit. I went shopping around online. I was fitted  last fall for a bra. I know my size. None of the big box stores had my sizes (not a big shocker). I was still a little upset that I could not find my size. I ranted on Facebook about it. My friends suggested all these other stores online such as Lane Bryant or Fatkini’s (for those who don’t know a fatkini is a bikini for plus size girls). Some of the designs for the plus size girl bathing suits are really out there and colorful, not something that I would wear. I know that my friends meant well and did not mean to make me feel bad. I finally called Lands End and they told me that they do not sell my size, but they gave me the number to other sellers who did. I found a seller who I really liked the bathing suits. This seller makes items for girls who are built bigger on top, but not plus sized. I had to compromise on the size of the bathing suit and go down one size, it was what I wanted. The top of the suit alone is around $92. It took me all day to find a bathing suit top. Now to buy the bottom.

Yesterday I was a little bit of a bad girl. I went to Five Guys and then the movies. Okay written down that does not seem so bad. But at the end of the day I counted up all of my calories and I had consumed over 1500 calories in one night.

This is what I had last night

2 Large Sodas (both Coke-Cola and Pepsi) – 303 calories

A small fry – an estimated 310 calories

Hamburger – 700 calories

M&M Candy (Sharing Size) -440 calories

Bottled Water – 0 calories

My mom and I went to Target for essentials. I always sneak candy and a drink of some sort into the movie theater when I go to this movie theater. This movie theater is really expensive when it comes to concessions and can cost up to $20 for concessions alone. My ticket costs enough. I was dropped off at Five Guys for a little bit of dinner. I was in a little bit of a rush to eat and get to the movie. By the time I got my meal, I needed to eat it quickly and go. I stuffed the fries into my very small purse and walked to the movies. I went to see the Kingsman. I ate the fries and the M&M in the theater, with the water and my second large cup of soda.

There are a lot of things that I could have done differently. In one scenario I could have had just the burger and half cup of soda (they let you fill it yourself). No M&M or fries. In another scenario I could have had the fries and some soda. No burger or M&M. Could still have sneaked in the fries into the theater. I was not thinking. I was in a rush. I should have had my parents drop me off at Five Guys before they went to Target so that I could make a more well informed decision using my Lose It app. That is what it is for, to help me make more well informed decisions about my diet choices. I could have used it to plan out my meal at Five Guys. I did not and now I have suffer the consequences of my actions. Today I was able to work off the burger swimming, but it will take another few days to work off everything else that I ate. I worked out really hard yesterday to the point of exhaustion and all that work went right out the window.


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