Etsy Artist of the Week April 19, 2014

Robin Larido

The Etsy Artist of the Week this week is Robin Larido. She owns two great and amazing stores on Robin opened on October 4th 2010. At this shop she sells mixed media art. Robins Art and Design has a 5 star review from some very happy customers who love Robins work. Almost three years later She opened another shop, . In the store Rebecca and Robin, they sell handmade, decorative pillows and pillowcases.All of her awesome items are one of a kind, handmade in a smoke free and animal free environment.

Robin has a BA in Fine Arts from Brooklyn College. She also studied graphic design at The School of Visual Arts and Mosaics at Westchester Community College. Her work has been published twice in Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine. Robin heard about Etsy through her cousin. Her friends had been encouraging her to sell her art and in 2010 she opened her first store.

Robin is from Croton-On-Hudson, New York. She lives with her husband. Robin is a stay at home mom. Her daughter Rebecca is 19, and is an artist herself.  Rebecca is a Fashion Major at Westchester Community College. Sometime Robin and Rebecca collaborate on projects together.

In first shop Robins Art and Design, Robin sells a variety of really cool looking items items which include altered books and journals, collages, jewelry, wall hangings, home decor and much more. Robin likes to use found items in her artwork. She also uses images in the collages and altered books that are reminiscent of imagery from the turn of the century.  Any lover of vintage or steampunk would love to visit this shop. Many items in her shop have a vintage Edwardian look with a modern twist.

Robin takes inspiration from her surroundings. She will see something and want to put it into a piece of artwork. She also finds inspiration from the Victorian Era, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. She loves to work with paints, fabrics, beads, buttons, charms and images. She likes to do and try a lot of different things.

The altered books are amazing. This altered book is a great work of art . It is decorated inside and out with flowers. The outside cover has an imaged of a flower right in the middle of the cover and the rest is a shining copper color. The color palette for the pages is green, pink, blue, magenta and yellow. The spine of the book is covered with a ribbon. This book sells for about $150

Another amazing altered journal is

This book has different color pages in the colors of yellow ochre, rust, blue, purple and green.

On the inside are decorative butterflies. Contains vintage imagery, flowers and postcards. Is all handstitched.  Embellished with beads, buttons and ribbon (Robin loves to use embellishments of all sorts in her artwork).  The cover has a gold glaze that in the photo makes it look gold. Under the gold it is painted black and then covered with a layer of tissue paper. This book also sells for $150.

Robin opened her second shop Robin and Rebecca in January 2013. In this shop she sells decorative pillows and pillowcases. Robin has been sewing since she was a kid and absolutely loves it. One pillow that really sticks out is the with the use of the black against the bold blue background. The black is edged in lace and the pillow is topped with yellow flowers. This pillow goes for $35.

Robin works full time in her Etsy shops on weekends and evenings. She promotes her items on Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin. She sells her items off etsy as well to family, friends and at craft fairs. Her goal this year is to make 100 sales.

Etsy has given her lots of exposure for her artwork from people all over the world. She gets to earn a little bit of fun cash. She also has had the great opportunity of meeting a community of other etsy sellers near to where she lives.

Robin has enjoyed selling on Etsy. She likes the community aspect with the teams, comments, treasuries and forums. One lesson that she has learned from selling online is to be determined to sell. She has also learned to make herself stand out from the crowd, because on Etsy it is so easy to get lost in a pool of millions of items. Her advice to any newbie is to take great photo’s, use awesome tag words and write a description about your product. Keep your shop focused and don’t have too many shop sections.


Robin belongs to these awesome Etsy teams

Etsy Success

Sassy Critiques

Westchester County Etsy Team



You can find Robin elsewhere at



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