Etsy Artist of the Week March 22, 2014

Call Me Artsy

The Etsy Artist of the Week is Ginger and She owns 2 amazing stores on Etsy. Her first store sells pet related art in the form of prints, magnets, postage stamps and much more. Her second store is There she sells all downloadable prints. The customer buys the prints, downloads them onto their computer and prints them.

Her first store Goingplaces2 was opened on July 17, 2009. This store sells pet related prints, magnets, iphone cases and more. Gingers art is very bold with bright colors. She loves working and designing with bright colors. The bright, bold colors are very apparent in her animal designs. While most of the art features dogs, a lot of the items also feature cats, goats and now horses.

Ginger just opened her second store this past year on January 6 2014. The store is Call Me Artsy. She really wanted to branch out and try something new.  Call Me Artsy sells downloadable art. But she understood that running both shops would take lots of time and work. Call Me Artsy Sells Prints for kids/nurseries, classrooms, home and even much more. Each download is only $5.

Ginger works very hard to make her stores a success. She works mornings, evenings and weekends. At the same time she still maintains a job that she goes to 3 days a week. She also babysits her 6 month old grandson. She is lucky to have the support of her family wither her husband, 2 sons, 2 daughter in-laws, and 3 grandsons. To relieve stress she eats cookies while having a sip of tea

She has loved selling on Etsy. It has been an excellent place for her to sell. She has found much success. Etsy has provided her a creative outlet to sell her items. She feels that Etsy has made her a better artist.  She has also found it to be a great way to supplement her income. Ginger finds Etsy to be a very supportive community where the world comes to find handmade items. It is a place where unknown artist are found and discovered. Some artists are featured in magazines, blogs or other forms of media.

Her advice to newer Etsy Sellers is to fill up their shops with lots of items. Also join lots of teams where you can promote yourself. Open a business page on Facebook. Read the Etsy Announcements to know what is going on. Also participate in the Etsy forums with comments and questions.

You can find Gingers not only sells on Etsy, she also sells wholesale and has her artwork on flags, posters, wooden signs and more. You can find her on Amazon,,, Fab, and many retail stores. Ginger is an artist who is on fire.


You can also find Ginger at






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