Etsy Artist of the Week May 20, 2014

Fused Glass

Fused Glass Art

Michele is this weeks Artist of the Week and she owns Chelkay  she makes tableware, home decor, coasters, suncatchers, ring dishes, sushi dishes, candle holders, soap dishes, serving bowls and jewelry all made from fused glass. For those who don’t know fused glass is 2 or more pieces of glass that have been melted together in a kiln to create one piece of glass. Every one of Michele’s pieces consists of two layers of glass. She also recycles wine bottles and reuses the glass to make spoon rests and tealight candle holders. Many of her items were inspired by contain an element from nature such as leaves.

Michele makes her natural pieces by first going out to find plants. She mainly uses ferns. She then coats the plant in powdered glass. The plant is placed between the two layers of glass. The plant then burns away leaving a fossil imprint.

Michele lives in Danville, PA in the Susquehanna Valley near the foothills the Endless Mountains. She has been fusing glass since 2006. Before that she was painting, making prints. Michelle took a class at a local university in stained glass and that really sparked her passion in glass art design. Since taking that class she has taken many other classes in glass art and fused art. Since taking so many classes her style has really developed and become her own style.

She was inspired to start creating nature inspired items when a friend of hers was getting married and Michele needed to make a wedding gift. She want to make a piece of art that had a real personal touch. Her friend likes ferns. She fused a fern in between the two pieces of glass and gave her friend a sushi set.

Michele was really motivated to open her store on Etsy so that everyone could see her beautiful artwork. She opened on April 28 2012. She has a 5 star review from some very happy customers. Having a store on Etsy has allowed her items to been seen, loved and treasured by many.  She operates her awesome store while holding a full time job. She relieves whatever stress she has making her items in her downtime. She takes on what she can does not take on more than she can handle.

My favorite piece is comes in my favorite color blue and brown . It is a candle holder. The artist cut the glass herself. The glass was put over a mold and slumped to get its shape. This candle holder goes for about $24 on Etsy. I also really love the wine bottle spoon rests It is such a great idea to reuse the glass left over from wine bottles. They come in variety of colors to chose from and are different then any spoon rests I have seen.

Michele’s goals for this year has been to make more examples of her most popular items in more colors. She does not only sell on Etsy. She sells to people local to her area. She also displays her items in a local shop. Come and check out Michele at her Etsy shop Chelkay.


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