Etsy Artist of the Week May 31, 2014

Gulf Life By Nicole

This weeks Artist of the Week is Nichole from the awesome Etsy shop Gulf Life By Nichole . She paints original nature scenes onto canvas bags, canvas backpacks, purses, ipad, grocery totes and beach bags and laptop totes.  A lot of what she paints involves wildlife, marinelife, and flowers. She uses a lot of bright and bold color choices in her work.

Nichole started painting Walter Anderson Silk Screen Reproductions in 1988 at the encouragement of her mom. For those who may not know who Walter Ingllis Anderson was he was a painter, and writer during the first half of the last century. She painted the reproductions for the Realizations company.  She eventually started showing her handpainted reproductions for the company in shows and galleries in Galvaston Texas.

Nichole lives in Spanish Fort Alabama and she grew up in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Last year she married her high school sweetheart. They had been apart from one another for 24 years and were able to find one another. He is a Certified Public Accountant. Nichole has two grown children with one still living at home. They have two dachshunds.

Nichole gets her inspiration from a few different places. She gets inspiration from her mom. Her mom was also an artist and painted Walter Inglis Anderson reproductions. Her mom died in 1991 of lung cancer.  Nichole enjoys doing something that they were able to bond over together. She also gets inspiration from painting Walter Inglis Anderson paintings for such a long time. She also gets inspiration from nature. Her family owns a camper. When she goes camping she draws a lot of the items and creatures found in nature. A lot of inspiration comes from the Gulf Coast. Her father had a shrimp boat.  On the shrimp boat lots of other creatures besides shrimp got caught in the nets. In the summer she and her husband go crabbing and fishing.

My favorite piece is a blue purse bag with big purple flower on it . I love the colors purple and blue. The artist uses different shades of purple to bring out the beauty of the flower.  Costs $33. It is machine washable if washed on a delicate cycle. The item has a pocket inside.

Nichole works full time in her shop. Time management however does become difficult when tax time rolls around. She is hoping that to have a peaceful summer to be able to paint. She is hoping to add painted wine glasses with a Gulf Coast related theme to her shop sometime in the near future. Come and check her out


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